@slomarathon ambassador update, Moorpark Mammoth recap, @brooksrunning @stridebox & more!

Hey everyone! There’s so much going on right now with races and training that I’ve got to get all the thoughts out. 🙂

First off, last year I hurt myself pretty badly.  I did this because I stacked too many half’s, too close together while jumping right back into full training in between.  I had only started running in April, and then planned on 3 half marathons between mid September and the first weekend in December. I was tapering a little before each race, but since I run a half or more every Tuesday anyways, I thought I could jump straight back into regular runs after each race.  My very first half went well, then I went right back to my mileage only to run my next half a month later, to then run my furthest distance ever (18+ miles).  My long runs are always on Tuesdays and by that afternoon I called my fav chiro to get in his office that day.  I never go to the Dr. I only had 3 weeks until half #3.  I used those 3 weeks as recovery tapering while still running short distances on my run days.  I honestly didn’t think I could finish the next race.  I cried at the finish line.  There was just so much relief! We still don’t know what was really wrong but the injury still aches (I had to ice today) so my lowball guess is tendonitis, however it might have a stress fracture.

This year I’m trying to race smarter.  I’ve paced out my 1/2 marathons while still participating in the Gold Coast Challenge. I’ll do anything for a jacket. The Gold Coast is where you run 3 local ½’s. Plus I’ve entered a bunch of fun 5k’s.  Yet, the last 1/2 didn’t go really well, not just for me but for a bunch of runners I know.  My summer training sucked and I just couldn’t hit my long miles. I think that’s for a couple of reasons.  One, it was a super humid summer, therefore that first ½ was rough for all of us.  Two, I didn’t do the same leg workout in the gym that I do during the school year. In the last 4 weeks I’ve increased my weight on the machines from between 25 and 60 pounds.  Since doing this, I haven’t had the same leg issues I had all summer.

My last run was the first ever Moorpark Mammoth 5K/10K. I realized that this was in a fairly new subdivision above town and that it might be hilly. After all, I only convince friends to run with me in hilly races. It’s a curse. (Thanks David for running with me anywaysJ) My smart decision was walking the entire course the Friday before the race. My stupid decision was walking the entire course the Friday before the race. It was smart because I knew what I was in for ahead of time and it made parts of it easier. It was stupid because I was seriously sore from the walk and the parts of the walk that helped me recover were only a few steps of running and not enough to catch my breath. I hit that first super steep hill and couldn’t get my air back in time for the 3 steep switch backs that followed. I walked all of those and watched Griffin leave me in his dustJ. Come to find out he wasn’t that far ahead of me…LOL. My estimation of the finish line uphill was off too. I thought it was ¼ of a mile, it was more like a ½ but was easy compared to the starting inclines. Even with the walk I ran it in 31 minutes, while reminding myself that this was how I chose to spend my Bday morningJ . Totally doing it again next year…but will use the course for hill training when I can make it out there!!

Starting super soon is my San Luis Obispo Ambassador duties. “What is an ambassador?” you ask. I’m part of a team of runners who are basically the online and verbal marketing team for the race. I am obligated to post at least 3 times a week on two social networks plus repost their updates. This means you will be hearing more about my training and SLO/Central Coast on social areas I don’t usually post this sort of thing in fear of being that irritating fitness geek. In return for this I get, yep, you guessed it, a jacket. Oh and a hat. Plus they cover my entry fee. This year there’s a fun part to it too. My discount code puts you on my team!!! So you’ll have to help me come up with a team name other than Heather’s Team, or How Slow Can You Really Run Team. I’ll share discount codes as soon as I have them!!!! Join my team!!!!

Because of @SLOmarathon I’ll be starting hill training on Fridaty. The best part of this race is that even though there are hills, there an equal number of down hills. Unlike other races (Pacific Half!!!)

Today I ran 13.12. Whew! I feel like I’m back on track. I’m sore and slow, but I’m back. Nothing hurt even though I was running in brand new @Brooksrunning Ghost 7’s. I got them Thursday night and ran 5K in them on Sunday in the middle of an SCA War. (Great Western War) I’m part of an international historical nonprofit group where I specialize in costuming. Tons of fun! Feel free to look into it! www.sca-caid.org

Anyone else have this issue? My feet break out in hives after long runs:


I use super cheap socks because the expensive ones make the hives worse and make my toes numb.

Sewing tonight and this was on the ancient packaging for cloth button making kit:


Yep, the hair totally sells it to me.

Two things you need to sign up for soon. One I’m ambassador for, the other needs to have meJ



Have a great training week! I’ll update my week’s training during the weekend. J



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