Blogging again!

OK, I’m forcing myself.  I don’t know why it’s so hard to sit down and write.  I have a ton of race recaps to catch up on and I didn’t think  anyone was really paying attention to this.  Apparently I’m wrong:-)

Tomorrow I’m running the Moorpark Mammoth Run for my Bday.  I walked the course on Friday out of curiosity and yet again I have convinced someone to run a race with me that’s all hills.  Oops!!!!  That’s 3 for 3. 😦  Better start finding training routes that have hills.  The harbor and marina don’t…at all. 🙂

My mom gave me $100 to Athleta.  I should have picked somewhere else.  I’m having difficulty spending the money. I mean I could buy one thing ($84 for workout pants…come on!  Wait they’re on sale!!  In XXS 😦  Then again, there’s a pair of boots that rock!) or I keep hunting the sales for all the Gap companies.  I’m 3 days in and still working on it.  I guess I also have issues with what I might want verses what I really need.  My cart is currently sitting around $50 with a T shirt, capris (from Old Navy) and a scarf.  🙂  I’m determined to fill the cart….sometime this week.  I hope…haha!

Ever wonder about running terminology? I hadn’t seen some of these:

My favorite equipment of the week…or ever.  I use this against a wall.  It hurts so good!!!,store:9946982503993856053&hl=en

My guilty pleasure is the occasional Nickelback song.  This was just released today and is really applicable.

Enjoy!!!  Look for a race recap (hopefully) tomorrow!



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