Wait, my next race is in two weeks??!! @slomarathon #raceslo #racechat

Well, crap. I thought I had 3 weeks. Nope, the Great Race is in 2.

This last week has been great for cross training, I can’t move without a new sore muscle, but last week’s running distances sucked, only about 13 miles. Tuesday is my long run day, but we’d been up super late on Monday. Gma fell in the kitchen and shattered the ball in her hip. Morgan heard it happen and was on the ball to get help here quickly. She was being loaded into an ambulance within 20 minutes.  It’s thrown the whole week off, along with Kyle’s extended school schedule. (It’s 3pm on Saturday and I have no idea when he’ll be home.)

Welcome to trying to balance everything! 2 college kids, a theater production schedule, multiple jobs, multiple husband’s jobs, Gma health care and trying to train. Ummm, The Great Race, Pacific 1/2.  Hills….guess I’m going to eat them.  Then be prepared to run @SLOMarathon a month later.  Race recovery is way different than long training run recovery.  I’m going to have to sit down and really plan for post race.  I’ve gotta stop playing it by ear. This time I’ll force myself to eat, roll everything out immediately and actually stretch.  You know, ’cause a former gymnast forgets to stretch…read:  all the time.

So, one more long run on Tuesday then the dreaded taper.  Yuck!

But wait….new shoes!!!  In the bestest color ever!!


I went in to see if I needed new shoes, as in a whole new shoe. Was the shoe I started wearing in June after just starting to run in April still the right one for me? Things hurt every long run. Knees, feet, calves, etc.  I went home from Road Runner with NB 890 v4s and figured with the awesome 90 return policy I could always bring them back, it was between them and the Ghosts I already had.  I did some looking online and found out that my first shoes, the Brooks Ghost 6 had a new color….MY COLOR!!!  Still, I ran in the NBs which felt super light and flexible in the store and they were, but there wasn’t quite the heel stability and they seemed really thin through the ball of the foot.  I had sharp pain in my Achilles and on the center of my shin bone just above my ankle on my left foot.  This is the foot I run a little crooked on. It warmed up and went away after 3 miles, but I’ve learned if it’s not right immediately, it won’t be right later on.  After the first run I knew I had to stick with my Ghosts.

I returned them yesterday and they ordered the Ghosts I wanted in MY COLOR. That was around 11am and here they are in my house today…they came before 10am.  Road Runner rocks!  That being said, I still have to check out a local run store, Inside Track in Ventura.  It’d be fun to connect with other runners and maybe actually train with a group. I’ve driven by the store and not stopped.  How can I be the nervous outsider still? I’m a damn athlete running over 30 miles a week. Just because I don’t think I look like one shouldn’t make me nervous about talking to other runners. Totally lame. 🙂 I’ll get over it. This week.

Some big life changes coming up, time to suck it up buttercup and move on.  I think a run will clear things up. 🙂

Workout log:

Monday:  run 35 minutes, elliptical 30 minutes. Tuesday:  run 55 minutes. Wednesday:  Beach hike 35 minutes, run 20 minutes, weight lifting 15 minutes. Thursday:  35 minutes circuit training. Friday:  20 minute treadmill run, 10 minute treadmill walk, 30 minute elliptical, 15 minutes weight lifting.


PS:  Comic camp with Stan Lee and Clark Gregg cameos?  OMG- there’s even more famous voices and did I mention the camp?!! Ultimate Spider-Man. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1722512/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast Way fun to watch!!!

San Luis Obispo Race ambassador


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