Cross training question…@slomarathon #raceslo

So, as a former gymnast I grew up knowing my workout wasn’t enough, it was about the conditioning, dance, and more.  Now as a runner I still have that mentality.  So I don’t just run, I go to the gym as well, I don’t stretch enough and I have problems with some of my runs because of it. Thursday’s run is what I call my mental run.  I usually do legs on Wednesday at the gym and run on fried legs the next day so it’s an exercise in mind over matter.

I run a quick 5k on Sunday, my long run on Tuesday (back up to 15 miles) and on Thursday I run between 5-10 miles. I don’t have a training plan but try to change up Thursday’s run here and there.  I’m working on changing up my cross training schedule a little too, but would like to hear about what other people do to cross train.

Do you cross train? What do you do? How do you schedule it around your running? How do you change that up as you near your races?



SLO Race Ambassador


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