@slomarathon Training interrupted

My long run day was interrupted.

We have 3 drivers and 2 cars. Kyle drove Morgan and himself to school, while I was driving Matt to jury duty. This meant my long run had to be split up. I ran 7.75 miles starting from the house at 7am then came back to drive Matt to court and then went back to run the rest of my run. My plan was for another 6-7 miles. I thought a break would refresh me and make the rest of the run easy.

Ha! Hip ached, knee hurt. It was hot. I made another 4 miles instead. Now I’m achy but still determined. Time for more rolling out and time in the gym with weights.

Matt was joking while standing in line at the market this afternoon. “You have to blog about @slomarathon training while standing in line at the market buying your gluten free pizza.” It went on for a bit past there, because Matt is Matt. I’ll have him post soon so you can share in the wit.

So here I am, blogging about my training while eating my gluten free pizza dinner. 🙂 Seriously, life is good!

Oh, and Run or Dye on Saturday with friends and family was a blast!!



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