Just keep running! #raceslo @slomarathon

This morning on my way to my run, Matt was driving the boys to Starbucks, (SSSTTTAAARRRBBBUUUCCCKKKSS, sorry, momentary chant in honor of the magical place) we were talking about the cold. My hands had gone numb just walking out to the car. Sorry East Coast folks-I’m a SoCal wimp, it was 40 with a wind chill that dropped it down at least another 5 degrees or so.

Kyle, being supportive as usual (sarcasm runs deep in our family), said, “just remember, you’re choosing to do this.”

Matt jumped in & said, “ya, but at the end of our race on Saturday we’re going to be gasping for air and she’ll be running to cool down.” (He also made a comment about how I look:-)

It made me think during my run, while trying to warm my fingers, about how I started out last April. Here I was looking forward to getting to mile four so I’d be warmer and remembering that first run where I had to stop 3 times before I’d hit one mile.  I’d made a decision though, I was going to be a runner and that day I was going to run 2 loops, no matter what.  As achy and stiff as I can be during a long run I tell myself to just keep running and it helps to think about how far I’ve gotten. 🙂



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