Sometimes the 1st mile lies, then there’s the whole lying run. #raceslo

Tuesday is long run day. I’m slowly trying to get back up to my furthest distance I ran on Nov. 5th-18.46 miles.
I started with my hands getting too cold. I kept thinking about a post I saw this morning where a guy ran in -5, his face one solid sheet of ice and yet he ran 8 miles, with negative splits in the 7 minute range. What a whiner I am! About then I realized I hadn’t foam rolled after Sunday’s run and my legs were obviously made out of lead. 😦 About 2 miles in I started to warm up but felt super slow.
By 4.3 that was it, I was done. Everything ached, didn’t seem to move along, yuck! At 4.5 I told myself it was all in my attitude. Fix the attitude and the run was going to be a breeze!
Mile 7 I decided I was just done, I could turn around and be back around 8-9 miles. I paused and tied my jacket around my waist. Wow! Things felt better! So I kept going and around 8, I realized either I was going to turn around or I was finishing the whole run, hell or high water. Time to suck it up (seriously may need a suck it up buttercup shirt) and finish the whole thing. That’s about the time I actually listened to my app to discover I wasn’t as slow as I thought I was going. Even though I felt like I could walk faster than I was going, I was actually keeping a decent (though still slow:-) pace. I made it back sore but further than last week. Totally still on track for 1/2 marathon training!
Sometimes you just have to just keep going. The “I can’t make it” voice lies and sometimes so does your body. Today was a day where I knew it was just a tough run, not an injured run, so the bod was telling big fat lies. Running really is more brain work than physical….a lot of the time.
Time to go roll out everything….again:-)
Run: 13.75 miles, 11:09 average
Projects this week: Cotehardie, 3 running tutus (those will be a first)


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