Time to start!

I’m a little freaked out about starting a blog so bear with me:-).  This blog will follow my running and workout journey, have race reviews, disgusting embarrassing details about my kids-both personal and the kids I coach, recipes and occasional stories from my husband. (Just saying that will have all our friends riveted here:-) Nuclear Barbie, anyone!)  I’ll also post some costuming updates and images. I promise to finally join pinterest and become annoying about that too. I will butcher grammar, just because it entertains me (that was the most bestest betterer front tuck I’ve seen in my life!) being married to a language arts teacher, it irks him & he does it too. I’ll probably also share some gruesome injury stories.

Things that I love and you may read about….games, gymnastics, SCA, costuming, Supernatural, comics, Sci Fi, superhero movies and shows, Bones, Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, NCIS, embroidery, Cakewrecks, Epbot, steampunk….oh and running and fitness. 🙂

Let’s get it started:

I started running a couple of years ago because a group of us were all going to run the Deena Kastor 5k 2011.  I ran that first race, had a blast, but then just continued to run for fitness and to help friends train. Then in 2013 my best friend heard about Run or Dye.  We ran that and I unofficially ran faster than my first race even with a short walk in it. I went home that weekend and started thinking to myself that it was time to make a change. I realized that I never stopped being an athlete, yet stopped thinking myself as one after I retired from gymnastics 24 years earlier. I worked out every day but weight kept creeping up and workouts were not challenging.  I decided that not only was I an athlete, but I needed to treat my body like one and that I was going to become an endurance athlete. You know, run a 10k.  LOL!

I started the first week of April 2013.  My plan was to run on Tuesdays and Thursday so I started my run in our harbor thinking I was running a 1 mile loop for 2 loops.  I had to stop 3 times the first time around and either 2 or 3 times the second time. I was too tired to remember. Thursday I ran the same and only had to stop twice the first loop and once the second!!! I planned on upping my distance each week so the next week would be 3 loops.  Woohoo!  Tuesday I was able to run with only one stop on the first loop, Thursday no walking!

That Friday I downloaded a running app. The next week I was planning on four loops, or what I thought was 4 miles. Come to find out my loops were ¾ of a mile. So to run my goal I was actually running 1 ¾ miles more than my prior week. That’s what I planned, so that’s what I did. I can remember having breathing issues at the end and Kyle reminding me to breatheJ. Each week I added a mile or more. By the time I committed to the 10K (Oxnard’s Salsa Dash) I was already signing up for the Gold Coast Challenge. 3 ½ Marathons between September and December. All for a sweatshirt….that was totally worth it!! Along the way I got at least 4 other people to do it as well!!  I ran a 5K on a whim the morning of the 4th of July. By the time I ran the 10k in July I was running 3 times a week-over 13 miles on Tuesdays, about 10 miles on Thursdays and a 5k on Sundays.

I’ve made amazing friends via Twitter and Facebook.  I’ve run in 3 virtual races helping charities, I have my Nevada cheerleader coming out to run the Pacific ½ with me and I was just invited to be an ambassador for the San Luis Obispo 5k, 1/2 and full marathon.  I’ve lost 25 pounds and am doing everything I can to step it up this year.

Races planned so far for 2014 are the Oxnard, no wait, the Ventura, no wait, the Santa Paula Run or Dye (don’t get me started), the Pacific ½ Marathon in Agoura Hills and then the race I’m really looking forward to, the San Luis Obispo ½ Marathon.  I haven’t signed up for but plan on going to the Ventura ½ and the Santa the Sea to get my Gold Coast Series if they’re doing it again. I’m open to ideas!  Give me race thoughts to fill out my season. Goals ROCK!!!

Really, it has been as simple as making a decision to run. My runs are all mental games. I decide on a route I’m going to run so that’s where I go. It doesn’t matter how far it is, if that’s what I plan on doing then I’m going to do it. When I can’t make it for some reason, exhaustion, injury, whatever, I find I’m a mental puddle. I’ve bonked once. The very first run of the summer where Matt was there when I was done.  Here it was the 2nd week in June and I had run 13 miles the week before. I had milk and protein powder for breakfast instead of my normal eats and died physically and mentally about 12.75 in.  I got back to the start point and broke down. Here I am crying because I couldn’t run farther and he’s teasing me.  Bastard!  Of course he had a point. 10 weeks earlier I couldn’t run ¾ of a mile without stopping to walk 3 times and I’m crying over almost making 13 miles. What a dork (I’m talking about him, not me…LOL)

I’m really excited about my journey and hope you join me.  The more the merrier!!



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